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A lot of people believe money stands between them and their dream business. This is a fallacy. Many great businesses were started from scratch.

Additionally, if one is given all the money they think they need without the temperament to handle employees and customers, the tenacity to navigate through the turbulent business environment and the character to stay the course, they’ll blow up the investment.

This course examines the critical success factors of building a start-up to a sustainable business by exploring the entire business value chain from idea formulation to execution.

The approach is practical provoking the learner to think through the entire entrepreneurial process and not merely the capital required to launch a successful business.

Course Curriculum

Module 1
Why Businesses Fail 00:20:00
To help learners to be aware of factors that lead to business failure so as to avoid those common mistakes.
SBWM Module 1 Assessment Unlimited
Module 2
Business Mindset 00:12:00
To cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset
SBWM Module 2 Assessment Unlimited
Module 3
Business Idea 00:16:00
To help learners appreciate the vitality of clarity of business idea before implementation.
SBWM Module 3 Assessment Unlimited
Module 4
Business Timing 00:12:00
To help learners appreciate the role of timing in business to deal with more capitalized competitors.
SBWM Module 4 Assessment Unlimited
Module 5
Business Model 00:18:00
To help expose learners with various business models to enlarge their spectrum in modeling their business.
SBWM Module 5 Assessment Unlimited
Module 6
Products Differentiation 00:15:00
To help learners realize competition is based on consumer perception and not products superiority.
SBWM Module 6 Assessment Unlimited
Module 7
Competitive Advantage 00:22:00
To expose learners with various competitive advantage strategies in view of making them competitive.
SBWM Module 7 Assessment Unlimited
Module 8
Team Execution 00:21:00
To help learners appreciate the role of employees in the success of business.
SBWM Module 8 Assessment Unlimited
Module 9
Business Funding 00:20:00
To expose learners to various funding options for them to have options in business funding.
SBWM Module 9 Assessment Unlimited

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